Electric Powered Buggy

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  • Redcat Racing Blackout XBE PRO 1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Buggy
    Are you ready for an adrenaline explosion? Fast and powerful, the Blackout XBE PRO is equipped with a powerful KV3800 brushless electric motor with built-in heat sink, and forward/reverse ESC. Ready to run out of the box, the Blackout XBE PRO is eager to heat up the neighborhood. Complete with LIPO ..
    USD$225.00 USD$279.99
  • Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E 1/10 Scale Brushless Buggy
    Get ready for dune leaping, hill climbing, dirt flying action! The 4WD Caldera XB 10E brushless buggy is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, 3200mAh LIPO battery, brushless ESC, and is ready to scream through the woods, track, or yard. Ready to run, the included rechargeable battery and cha..
    USD$230.00 USD$289.99
  • Redcat Racing Rampage XB-E 1/5 Scale Electric Buggy
    Why go normal when you can go X-treme with Redcat Racing's Rampage XB-E 1/5 scale X-treme Buggy! This large scale, electric brushless powered, 4WD buggy has the size, power, and handling for extreme fun. Powerful 150A electronic speed controller, 980Kv brushless motor, and dual 11.1v LIPO battery..
    USD$680.00 USD$779.99
  • Redcat Racing Sandstorm 1/10 Scale Electric Baja Buggy
    Much engineering and preparation must be taken if a vehicle is to survive the treacherous Baja. A place where water is scarce and memories are plentiful. A place where you can reach the limits of any vehicle. A place where engines roar and dust flies. Where vehicles fly by and spectators are left st..
    USD$140.00 USD$189.99
  • Redcat Racing Tornado EPX PRO 1/10 Scale Brushless Buggy
    Hang on! The Tornado EPX PRO is about to blow through your neighborhood! Complete with battery and charger, the Tornado EPX PRO 4WD buggy is ready to run. Adjustable suspension provides smooth performance for any terrain, while the adjustable wing creates rear downforce for added traction and hig..
    USD$220.00 USD$269.99
  • Redcat Racing Tremor Series 1/16 Scale Electric Truck & Truggy
    Want to get started in hobby grade RC but short on space? Meet the Tremor SG and Tremor ST 1:16th scale RC vehicles. Small 1:16th scale size with big performance. Each of the Tremors has an electric brushed motor, 2-in-1 ESC/Receiver, and 7.4V 800mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack. These RTR Tr..
    USD$90.00 USD$99.99