YouCan Robotics BW Space Pro 4K Zoom Underwater Drone

YouCan Robotics BW Space Pro 4K Zoom Underwater Drone

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Like the original BW Space, the Pro is capable of descending to a maximum depth of 100 meters (330 ft), relaying video and receiving commands via a tether that runs up to a Wi-Fi repeater on the surface. The user can be located anywhere within 500 m (1,640 ft) of that repeater, utilizing a dual-joystick LED-screen-equipped remote to control the drone. They can also do so simply utilizing an iOS/Android app on their smartphone or tablet.

The Pro is more compact than the original, while at the same time featuring an additional vertical thruster (so it now has two verticals, along with two horizontals). This added feature allows it to remain horizontally level while ascending or descending straight up or down, and to travel forward while maintaining a nose angle of plus or minus 45 degrees – the latter ability could be useful for filming moving subjects that are travelling above or below the drone..

1/1.8inch CMOS Clearer Underwater World

The BW Space Pro 4K Zoom is equipped with a 1/1.8'' sensor and F1.4-F2.9 larger aperture, it has a 30% increase in the light-transmitting than the 1/2.3'' lens sensor.

It also Captures 4K UHD Video and 12 megapixel photos.

Image Stabilization Technology

The BW Drone contains image stabilization technology to eliminate the jitter in underwater motion shooting, leaving you with a clearer image quality.

45° Pitch shot for unparalleled images 

Driven by bidirectional motor, BW Space Pro can shoot within a pitching angle of +45° through the motion control algorithm which can also move at a fixed angle.

With multiple-angle shooting, it is more flexible.

Driven with Four Motors causing more stability

This underwater drone is made to move vertically and it can reach a speed of up to 1.5m/s.

Auto-adjusting lighting system for an intelligent shooting experience. 

The front dual LED lights can automatically adjust the brightness of the light. 

When the natural light in the water increases, the LED light automatically decreases. 

Remote control via APP with a real-time preview of the underwater.

The Youcan Dive APP, which is independently developed by Youcan Robot, can remotely control the drone to move and shoot underwater and watch real-time images through your mobile phone, iPad, etc. 

The APP also supports sharing photos and videos with one click to the social platform, sharing instantly, anytime, anywhere.



- sensor - 1/1.8"CMOS
- effective pixels - 12MP
- aperture - F1.4-F2.9
- image format - JPEG
- video format - MP4 (H.264/H.265)
- max. video resolution - 4K (3840x2160 30fps)
- min. objective dimension- 0.6m
- field angle - D:141°, H:120.1°, V:64.6°
- SD card storage - 64GB


- Dimensions - 16x12x5 in
- Weight - 3.9KG 8.5LB
- Waterproof Cover - glass
- Operating Temperature - 10-40°C
- Max. Speed - 1.5m/s 3kts
- Max. rated depth - 100m 328 ft
- Max. flow speed resistance - 1.5m/s 3kts

BW Space Pro 4K:4K UHD Zoom Camera

- Sensor - 1/1.8'' CMOS
- Effective Pixels - 12MP
- Aperture - F1.4-F2.9
- Focus Length - 4.45mm
- Image Format - JPEG
- Video Format - MP4 (H.264/H.265)
- Max. Video resolution - 4K (3840x2160 30fps)
- Min. Objective Dimension - .9m
- Field Angle - D:141°,H:120.1°.V:64.6°
- SD Card Storage - 64G

Youcan Dive APP

- IOS version - requires ios 10.3 or later
- Android Version - Android version 6.0 or later 


- Length - 100m 328ft
- Outer Diameter - 4.4m 328ft
- Buoyancy - Neutral
- Breaking Strength - 150kg 220lb
- Weight - 1.6kg 3.5lb


- Rated Capacity - 9600mAh / 106.56wh
- Battery Life (normal use) - 2-3 Hours
- Battery Life (Light use) 3-5 Hours
- Charging Time - 5 Hours
- Input - DC12.6V: 2.5A+0.2A


- Operating Frequency - 2.4GHz
- Transmission rate - Max. 300Mbps
- Operating Temperature - 20-50°C
- Rated Capacity - 2600mAh/28.08Wh
- Transmission standard - 802.11b/g/n


- Configuration - 2 Horizontal, 2 Vertical
- Max. Forward - 3.0kg
- Max. Reverse - 2.5kg
- Max. Power - 156 W


- Lighting Intensity - 0-1380 (adjustable brightness)
- Colour - 90-CRI White
- CCT Range 2600-3200K

Remote Controller

- Support system - IOS/android
- Tensile elongation - 4.5-10.4 in (advance) 2.2-3.3 in (simple)
- Connection mode - Bluetooth 2.0 SPP, Protocol (android) bluetooth 4.0 BLE protocol (IOS)

3D Attitude System

- YAW - Range 180° - 180°
- Pitch Range 90° - 90°
- Compass - Resolution:1°


- Camera - 4k Zoom
- Maximum Depth - 330FT
- Auto-adjust Lighting
- Depth Maintenance Shooting
- 330 FT Dive
- 5 Hours Battery Life
- 9600mAh Battery
- Digital Defogging
- Image Stabilizer
- +45 degree adjustable tilt
- Vertical movement


- BW Space 4K Underwater Drone (64G)
- WiFi Repeater
- Battery Charger (Canada / US Plug)
- 100m Tether
- Remote Controller



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