ACME Zoopa

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  • ACME Zoopa Q165 Riot Quadcopter 2.4GHz RTF RC Drone
    With its three flight levels (for speed and agility) and the super cool design, it is, just as it’s brother zoopa Q155 roonin, the ultimate racing machine for indoor and outdoor use. Start completely relaxed in the beginner mode. In expert mode, you can then fly without electronic restrictions: f..
  • ACME Zoopa Q420 Cruiser Quadcopter 2.4GHz RTF RC Drone
    Get the zoopa Q 420 Cruiser quadrocopter to simply create photo and video recordings from the air. The new zoopa Q 420 Cruiser quadrocopter is equipped with the newest Gyro-technology, high-precise electronics, a strong battery and the FlyCamOne Nano HD camera for aerial recording. The integra..
  • ACME Zoopa Q55 Zepto Quadcopter 2.4GHz RTF RC Drone
    Perfectly balanced, the smallest of all zoopa copters stands in the air and is waiting for the next command. No matter if fast and furious or smooth and relaxed, the zepto will amaze your living room. Front and tail lights ease the orientation in the air, even at low light. The integrated 6-Axis ..
  • ACME Zoopa Thunder #01 2.4GHz RTF RC Racing Boat
    The approximately 270 mm long and only 180 grams weighing speedboat has a motor with integrated water cooling. Thanks to its agility, the zoopa Thunder speedboat is perfect for large pools, small ponds or quiet lakes. There it can be controlled surprisingly easy even by beginners, up to a distance o..
    USD$380.00 USD$70.00