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The DJI Mavic Pro is the ideal drone for those looking for a powerful, yet portable drone, that can be taken wherever your aerial journey leads you. With all new flight modes, a front and bottom facing obstacle avoidance system, in addition to an extended range and flight time, the Mavic Pro packs a powerful punch in a small package.

The highlight of the Mavic Pro is its compact and portable size. When the Mavic is completely folded, the drone is roughly the size of a water bottle making it extremely easy to pack away and store. The Mavic Pro also features an extended range of 7 kilometers as well as a battery life of 27 minutes so pilots have plenty of time in the air to capture the perfect shot. In Sports Mode, the Mavic Pro can reach speeds of up to 40 mph making it the ideal drone for shooting sports, fast-moving objects and more.

The Mavic Pro features a powerful 3-Axis 4K, 12-megapixel camera so that users can take stunning aerial photos and video from the skies. Pilots can also take advantage of Mavic’s wide variety of Intelligent Flight Modes including, Terrain Follow, Spotlight, Profile Follow and more. to effortlessly take dynamic and creative shots 

Thanks to the Mavic Pro's front and bottom facing obstacle avoidance system, pilots can fly their drone through the skies with peace of mind. With obstacle avoidance activated, the Mavic will actively assess its environment and intelligently stop or move around any obstructions in its path.

If you want a drone that can easily be taken with you wherever your aerial journey leads you, and above all else want a drone that is compact and easy to transport, the DJI Mavic Pro could be the perfect drone to take your creativity to all new heights.

Unleash Your Creativity

The Mavic Pro is an ultra-compact drone that features a cutting-edge fold-down design for ultimate ease-of-use and portability. The Mavic Pro features all-new innovative flight features including a new OcuSync Transmission system, a 4K camera with a stabilized 3-Axis gimbal system, and an intelligent Obstacle Avoidance System to provide users with the most sophisticated flight experience possible. With a DJI Mavic Pro in the sky, users can capture and share any aerial excursion with ease.

Stabilized 3-Axis gimbal & 4k 12-megapixel camera

The Mavic Pro is designed with DJI's infamous 3-Axis Gimbal System for ultra-smooth footage. The advanced gimbal system ensures that the camera will intelligently cancel out any unwanted movement or shake for the steadiest aerial imagery possible. Pilots can capture amazing 4K video at 30 fps while recording at 100 Mbps or full HD 1080p video at 96 fps. The Mavic Pro is also capable of shooting high-quality 12-megapixel stills. The camera is built with a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor and a f/2.8lens with a 35-mm focal length of 24-mm for stunning resolution and colour.


Portable and Powerful

The Mavic Pro is designed with an innovative foldable design and is built to be as portable as possible, weighing in at just 743 grams. The drone features fold-down arms that can be moved flush against the Mavic Pro's body. The drone's front two arms fold toward the side of the drone while its back legs can fold underneath. Completely folded up, the Mavic Pro is roughly the size of a water bottle so that drone pilots can easily transport their Mavic on the go.

Fly with freedom

The Mavic Pro is designed with DJI's innovative OcuSync Transmission technology and features a full extended range of 7 km. Users can fly through the skies and have time to get the perfect aerial shot thanks to the Mavic Pro's extended flight time of 27 minutes. In Sports Mode, pilots can additionally race their drone through the airways at a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

Compact Foldable Remote

The Mavic Pro comes equipped with a powerful and long-range remote controller for precise control and accuracy when in flight. The Remote Controller is desinged to be as user-friendly and compact as possible with a fold-down design and a built-in LCD telemtery display screen. Users can fit any mobile device between 6.5 - 8.5 mm thick and 160 mm long with no phone case into the remote. With the Mavic Pro's OcuSync Video Transmission system, users can view live-footage from the drone's camera at 1080p or 720p.

Safe, crash-free flights

Drone enthusiasts of any level will be able to fly their Mavic Pro through the airways with peace of mind thanks to the drone's intelligent Obstacle Avoidance System. While flying through the skies, the Mavic will autonomously analyze its environment and intelligently avoid obstacles in its path thanks to its front and bottom-facing obstacle avoidance sensors. The Mavic Pro can sense objects up to 49 feet in front of its flight route at a full speed of 30 km/h.

Environmental Sensing

The Mavic Pro is designed with 2 cameras on the top and bottom of its body, its primary visual camera, a dual-band satellite positioning system (GPS and GLONASS), 2 ultrasonic sensors and 24 computing cores to ensure that the Mavic can intelligently detect and react to obstacles in its path for safer, crash-free flights.

Gesture mode

The Mavic Pro enables users to capture fun and easy selfies without the need of a remote controller. Pilots can simply raise or wave their arm and the Mavic will automatically lock onto the subject and snap a photo once the subject makes a box shape with their hands.


For beginners or pilots of any level, TapFly Mode offers an easy way for users to control their drone. In TapFly Mode, users can simply tap their screen and have their Mavic automatically and smoothly fly in the selected direction. While the drone is autonomously flying, the users can then solely focus on controlling their gimbal and camera to capture the perfect shot.

ActiveTrack mode

In ActiveTrack Mode, the Mavic can intelligently track a subject such as a person, animal or car with a simple tap on the screen. The Mavic Pro features three different ActiveTrack Modes. In Trace Mode, the users can have their Mavic follow behind or in front of a selected object. In Spotlight Mode, the Mavic will lock onto a subject and keep it centre frame no matter where the user pilots their drone. Finally, in Profile Mode, the Mavic can autonomously fly along the profile of a subject.

Terrain Follow

In Terrain Follow Mode, the Mavic Pro will calculate its height information via its ultrasonic system and downward facing camera to keep level with the ground while in flight. In this new mode, users can adjust the height they want their Mavic to fly at, to get the exact shot they envision.


- Folded: 83mm X 83mm X 198mm
- Diagonal Size (Propellers Excluded): 335mm
- Flying Weight: 743g (1.64lbs) (includes gimbal cover)
- Max Lifting Speed: 3m/s (9.8ft/s
- Max Flight Speed:40mph (65km/h) in sport mode without wind
- Max service ceiling Above Sea Level: 16404ft (5000m)
- Max Flight Time: 27mins
- Average Flight Time: 21mins
- Battery: 11.4V 3830mAh 3S LIPO
- 2.4GHz  Radio Transmitter


- 1x DJI Mavic Pro Drone
- 1x Set of balanced high performance CW and CCW Blades / Propellers
- 1x 2.4 GHz Transmitter
- 1x 11.4V 11.4V 3830mAh 3S LIPO Battery
- 1x Charger / Cables
- 1x Instruction Manual



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Operating your drone for any reason other than recreational purposes will require a Special Flight Operation Certificate and liability insurance, as per Canadian Aviation Regulations (Canada) or Federal Aviation Administration (USA) for UAV's. For more information, contact your local Transport Canada ( or FAA ( office

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